January 2020

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Trump vs Sanders – Another Historic Election

It Will be Trump vs Sanders in 2020 Presidential Election It will be Trump vs Sanders in the 2020 Presidential Election. Importantly, it will be an historic and critical follow-through election to the 2016 breakthrough presidential election that ushered in the new Conservative Era. Bernie Sanders appears to be gaining momentum in his race against all the other Democratic presidential contenders. His polling numbers in Iowa are improving and his margin over Elizabeth Warren is expanding. Bernie Sanders seems to be attracting the socialists and socialist-leaning supporters in the Democratic Party. The traditional elements of the Democratic Party that used…

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Will Impeachment Impact the 2020 Elections?

How Might Impeachment Affect the 2020 Presidential, House and Senate Elections? It’s unusual to have the impeachment of a president at any time in American History. It’s even more unusual to take place so close to a presidential election. Here are some of the potential impacts President Trump’s impeachment might have on the 2020 presidential, House and Senate races: Will it impact President Trump’s chances of reelection? Will it impact who the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee will be? Will it impact control of the U. S. House of Representatives and the U. S. Senate? Will it become the #1 presidential…

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2020 Presidential Election Forecast

2020 Presidential Election – Who Will Be Nominated by the Democratic Party? As we move ahead to the 2020 Presidential Election and the Iowa caucuses on Monday, February 3rd, the question comes up: “Who Will Be Nominated by the Democratic Party?” The top contenders currently appear to be (not in any order): Joe BidenBernie SandersPete ButtigiegMichael BloombergElizabeth Warren Two other potential candidates include: Hillary ClintonMichelle Obama Each has some appeal to Democrats and some limitations. While Joe Biden has been the well-known leader in the field, he is slowly slipping in support. Bernie Sanders seems to have a lot of…