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Will President Trump Win?

There are Several Routes to a Trump Victory Where does the President Trump win stand today? Trump has 232 uncontested Electoral Votes. Biden has 227 uncontested Electoral Votes. 79 votes continue to be contested by litigation, State Legislative actions or potential Congressional actions. Here is a list of contested States and their respective Electoral Votes: Pennsylvania – 20 Electoral Votes Georgia – 16 Electoral Votes Michigan – 16 Electoral Votes Wisconsin – 10 Electoral Votes Arizona – 11 Electoral Votes Nevada – 6 Electoral Votes President Trump only needs 38 Electoral Votes from any three of these States to get…

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Voter Fraud – Legal View and Remedies

Voter Fraud – Categories Discussed in 2020 Presidential Election There are many categories of potential voter fraud that have been asserted during the 2020 Presidential Election. For these problems, there are a number of legal remedies. List of categories of potential voter fraud include: Failure to count fairly with both sides involved and watching up close Not allowing Republicans the right to challenge questionable vote counting issues Failure to follow the Constitution and election rules set by a given State’s legislature Legal Background: Article 2 Section 1 – “Each State shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may…

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Voter Fraud Evidence in Presidential Election

Voter Fraud Evidence – Did Democrats Conspire with Media? Voter fraud evidence includes apparent collusion between the Democratic Party and the mainstream pro-Biden media. It also includes large vote dumps in the middle of the night with all 100% of ballots for Biden. Other evidence includes not allowing Republican poll watchers from overseeing the counting process. Plus, there’s more voter fraud evidence. Former Presidential Pollster for Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, said on Newsmax TV that the so-called election reporting on the presidential election from polls to post-election calling of States, was a “setup.” Dick Morris thinks the Democrats conspired with…

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When Will President Trump Win the Election?

Will President Trump Win on Election Night? The Next Day? In Two Weeks? On December 14th? In January? According to the polls, President Trump will lose the presidential election to Joe Biden. However, in my view, the polls continue to be wrong and President Trump will win with the following Electoral College outcome: President Trump – 348 Electoral Votes Joe Biden – 190 Electoral Votes The real question with this election to me is not will President Trump win, but rather when will we know the results of the 56 separate presidential elections: That’s 50 State Elections + the DC…

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Harris Biden Administration?

Harris Biden Administration – Will It Happen? The Harris Biden Administration is not likely to ever take place.  According to my Presidential forecast model, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will be reelected easily over former VP Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris with a landslide victory in the Electoral College. Nevertheless, it is still worth taking a few minutes to consider what a socialist Harris Biden administration would look like. Let’s consider some important points. Why Not Call It a Biden Harris Administration? That’s easy. About 40% of Likely Voters in a Rasmussen poll think Biden has dementia….

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President Trump Again! Forget the Polls!

It Will Be President Trump Again – Despite the Polls, the Media, and the Elite! At precisely 12 noon on January 20th, 2021, President Trump will be sworn into office again as the 45th President of the United States of America. The historic, turbulent, and rather strange presidential election of 2020 will officially come to an end after a hard fought and tough victory over the socialist Democratic Party, their allies in the militant and Marxist Antifa and BLM movements, the hate Trump mainstream media, the never Trumpers, also formerly known as Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) and countless polls…

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Who Lost the Presidential Debate?

Who Lost the Presidential Debate and Who Won It? Who lost the presidential debate? It’s the first question and the easiest question to answer. Chris Wallace lost the debate. Why? Obviously, Chris Wallace allowed the debate to deteriorate into chaos. It was not simply Trump’s or Biden’s interruptions that caused the chaos and confusion, but it was Chris Wallace’s inappropriate and biased tactics: Chris Wallace constantly interrupting Trump and cutting off Trump from correcting Biden lies Chris Wallace giving Biden softball questions and not persisting on getting answers Chris Wallace asking Trump loaded questions and demanding answers Chris Wallace framing topics…

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Trump Biden Debate – Top Q&A

Trump Biden Debate – Top Q&A to Consider The Trump Biden Debate without question will be of historic significance and might be the most watched presidential debate ever. What are some of the key questions about the debate process, the content and issues in the debate, and the ways to measure who won the debate? Question – Will Biden Cancel the Debate at the Last Minute? Yes, it’s possible. Biden has been making monumental gaffes in recent appearances. Some examples: Biden said he began his Senate career “180 year ago” [was it a joke?] “We hold these truths to be…

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Presidential Election Violence Threats – Real?

Presidential Election Violence Threats – Are they Real? Presidential Election violence threats are popping up in the media and on the Internet. Is it real? Should it be taken seriously? Where does it start? Where will it end? According to an opinion piece on CNN’s website: “Democrats, who are not really over McConnell’s refusal to consider the nomination of Garland, would never accept a new justice as legitimate if forced through this quickly.” [Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/18/opinions/opinion-ruth-bader-ginsburg-mitch-mcconnell-douglas/index.html .] President Trumps’ new Supreme Court nominee is not legitimate according to those on the Left? This flies in the face of historical evidence: There…