2020 Presidential Election Forecast

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2020 Presidential Election – Who Will Be Nominated by the Democratic Party?

As we move ahead to the 2020 Presidential Election and the Iowa caucuses on Monday, February 3rd, the question comes up: “Who Will Be Nominated by the Democratic Party?” The top contenders currently appear to be (not in any order):

  • Joe Biden
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Pete Buttigieg
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Elizabeth Warren

Two other potential candidates include:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Michelle Obama

Each has some appeal to Democrats and some limitations. While Joe Biden has been the well-known leader in the field, he is slowly slipping in support. Bernie Sanders seems to have a lot of name recognition and considerable recent donor support. But, his clear association with socialism is potentially his major stumbling block.

Elizabeth Warren still suffers from her poor roll out of her Medicare proposal and her dubious Indian heritage claim. Hillary Clinton, of course, has the Clinton organization and money to support another White House run. Yet, she has the image of a presidential candidate that ran a poor campaign in 2016 and also lost to Obama in 2008.

Michelle Obama might be a stealth candidate with a recent bestselling book and her husband’s organization, contacts, and money. But, potential indictments against top Obama administration officials could sully Michelle’s chances for nomination. Michelle might be able to get some of the Black American voters currently leaning to Trump, however.

Michael Bloomberg is the wild card in the race. He has the money to buy a solid organization after Super Tuesday and to outspend his opponents.

My current prediction (subject to change as the primary and caucus season unfolds) is that Bernie Sanders will get the nomination.

2020 Presidential Election – Will President Trump Be Elected to a Second Term?

No question. Barring unforeseen events (that might happen), Trump will coast to an easy victory. The current impeachment fiasco is strengthening President Trump’s base. It will assure a higher turnout than in 2016. Voter intensity for Trump will eclipse the voter intensity for his opponent. The stellar economy will make the Electoral Vote total even higher. Finally, support for President Trump among Hispanic Americans and Black Americans are growing stronger.

My current Electoral Vote prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election is as follows:

  • Donald Trump – 367 Electoral Votes
  • Bernie Sanders – 171 Electoral Votes

Remember that this is actually 56 elections rolled up into one Electoral College vote tally –

  • 48 State Winner-Take-All Elections
  • The D.C. Election with Three Electoral Votes
  • Maine and Nebraska State-Wide Elections with Two Electoral Votes Each
  • Five Congressional District Elections in Maine and Nebraska that allocate Five Individual Electoral Votes

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