April 2019

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DOJ – Big News Coming at Department of Justice

DOJ – There’s Big News Coming Soon At the DOJ, there’s some big news taking place right now and more coming soon. Fasten your seat belts. On May 11th, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s resignation becomes effective. Why is he resigning in May right now? Why has his public attitude changed dramatically in the last few days? On Wednesday, May 1st, Attorney General William Barr has been invited to testify before both the Senate Judiciary Committee run by Sen. Lindsay Graham and the House Judiciary Committee whose Chairman is Rep. Jerrold Nadler. Will AG Barr actually testify before both committees?…

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Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg – Who’s Really Ahead?

Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg – Leading the Democratic Field for Now? It looks like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg are leading the Democratic presidential nomination field for the moment – at least in the view of many pollsters, pundits, and politicians on the Left. But, where is the race today? And, more importantly, where is the race heading into the 2020 primaries and caucuses? Bernie Sanders – Momentum from 2016 and Probably Leads at the Moment Bernie Sanders has quite a few advantages going into 2020. He almost beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential nomination race in 2016. Clinton…

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Barr Testimony – Shocking and New

Shocking New Testimony from AG Barr Attorney General Barr gave some surprising testimony on Tuesday, followed by shocking new testimony on Wednesday. Tuesday’s AG Barr testimony included the revelation that he was investigating the origins of the FBI investigation into the Trump presidential campaign back in 2016. Given the fact that the extensive Mueller Special Counsel investigation done by apparently 19 anti-Trump lawyers and costing about $30 Million yielded no Trump campaign – Russian collusion and that it yielded no obstruction of justice indictment of President Trump, the obvious question is why was this wasteful investigation undertaken. What was the…