December 2018

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Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all my readers, listeners, social media followers, TV and Talk Radio Hosts and Producers a very happy, joyful and Merry Christmas! I’m taking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. But, I’m scheduled to be on-air again on Wednesday, December 26th. Hosts and Producers, if you need a guest on Wednesday, December 26th or after that date, please feel free to contact me as usual using my media email address, or my phone line (voice or text). If you have misplaced the media contact points, you can also just send an email on the contact form page…

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How Can Conservatives Help America in 2019?

How Can Conservatives Help America Promote Morality, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity in 2019? Conservatives can help America in 2019. Let’s see how …  America has been engaged in a decades-long battle between two different political, economic and cultural ideologies – Freedom and Socialism. These two ideologies are adamantly opposed to each other and hold diametrically different views on virtually every topic imaginable including: Pro-Life vs. Pro-ChoiceThe Definition of the FamilyThe Definition of Sexual IdentityFreedom of Speech vs. Speech LimitationsPolitical Hate SpeechPolitical CorrectnessFreedom to Keep and Bear Arms vs. Gun Elimination or RestrictionsIllegal Immigration vs. Open BordersEquality under the Rule of…

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America’s Future is Optimistic!

Will America’s Future include Socialism? Some people worry about America’s future. They are concerned that America’s young in K-12 and colleges and universities are not being taught American Exceptionalism and that they are not being taught about the greatest political document in history: the American Constitution. They also are concerned that young Americans do not understand the cost and the value of our freedom.  They worry as well that instead, America’s young are being indoctrinated with secular socialism. Plus, in place of American Exceptionalism, they are being taught that America has a bad founding based on white supremacy, racism, and…