November 2018

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Establishment Republicans Lost the House, Not Trump

Establishment Republicans Lost the House in the 2018 Elections, Not President Trump Let’s look at the Establishment Republicans and their scorecard in the 2018 Congressional elections for the House of Representatives. Some analysts have claimed that President Trump was responsible for losing control of the House to the Democrats. That’s simply not true. Remember Establishments Republicans generally did not enthusiastically endorse President Trump or his conservative, populist policies. The numbers are now available. Republicans gave up 42 incumbent seats in the House due to retirements and resignations. There were 28 Republicans that retired and 14 Republicans that resigned. All 42…

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Surprise Trump House Victory

Surprise Trump House Victory – Establishment Republicans Lost the House Looking at the 2018 election results in detail, you will find some surprises including an important and subtle surprise Trump House victory. Contrary to some analyst opinions, Trump did not lose the House. In fact, Trump was not the cause of the loss of the House from Republican control to Democratic control. Similarly, there’s no reason for the Democrats to celebrate for too long because it is highly likely they will lose control of the House in 2020. If the Democrats didn’t really win the House and the House wasn’t…

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It was a Zero Wave Election

Not a Blue Wave, Given Significant Senate Losses The 2018 Congressional elections turned out to be a zero wave election. Since December 2017, the Democrats were thinking a Blue Wave was coming despite clear and convincing evidence to the contrary. Rage and resistance, after all, don’t guarantee a Blue Wave. Let’s look at what happened on Election Day and why this turned out to be a zero wave election. According to the preliminary totals with a few seats still up in the air, Democrats gained about 26 seats in the House during this election, Trump’s first midterm election. This is…