September 2018

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Will Judge Kavanaugh be Confirmed?

Given the New Allegation, Will Judge Kavanaugh Still be Confirmed? Up until a few days ago, it looked like Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, would sail along to a quick confirmation to the Supreme Court. His record was impeccable. His recommendations were stellar. His endorsements were numerous. But, the unexpected sexual assault allegation levied against Judge Kavanaugh (that was alleged to take place around 35 years ago) gave new ammunition to the Democrats and Leftists to try to stop the confirmation from ever taking place. Obviously, the Left didn’t want a Constitutional conservative to gain…

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2018 Congressional Elections – End of a Century Long Political War?

The 2018 Congressional Elections are Literally the Culmination of a Century Long Political War This year, the 2018 Congressional Elections, will mark the end of a century long political war that has raged unabated between two competing, diametrically, and bitterly opposed  political ideologies. On the one hand is the system of individual freedoms and limited government that we call capitalism. It’s implemented in our Constitutional Republic. On the other hand is its arch-enemy, socialism, characterized by restricted individual freedoms, expansive big government that is extraordinarily wasteful, inefficient, and ineffective at solving most problems. Socialists prefer control in the hands of…

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Will Even the Blue Bubble Burst?

Forget the Blue Wave, Will Even the Blue Bubble Burst in November? As I have predicted many times before, there is not going to be a Blue Wave, a Blue Ripple or even a Blue Drip in November; but now, the Democratic Party might even see their Blue Bubble burst in key Congressional Districts (CDs) around the country. That’s right. Blue Bubbles now exist in some Blue Congressional Districts. These are CDs that the so-called Establishment experts think are likely to go Blue this November. The so-called experts have written off the chance of any Republican winning in these districts…