July 2018

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Will Trump Allow a Government Shutdown?

Will Trump Force a Government Shutdown to Solve Immigration Stalemate? President Trump has signaled he is willing to permit a government shutdown to force Congress into finally ending the decades-old immigration stalemate. Does President Trump mean it? Is it political theater? Importantly, will it work? Plus, what is Trump demanding from Congress to avoid a government shutdown? You might also be asking: How will this immigration fight impact the 2018 Congressional elections? Lots to think about and to talk about. What is Trump Asking Congress to Do to Avoid a Government Shutdown? President Trump tweeted today that: I don’t care…

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Will Brennan/Comey Lose Security Clearances?

Will John Brennan and James Comey Both Lose their National Security Clearances Soon? It has been reported in the news media the President Trump is considering the appropriate methods for revoking the National Security Clearances of former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey. In addition, others might have their security clearances pulled as well. Those might include: Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Revoking former administration officials National Security Clearances likely breaks with some precedent. But, times are different with…

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How Do We Drain the Swamp?

It’s Time to Drain the Swamp – Meddling vs Collusion First, let’s distinguish between the two lines of debate going on about the swamp and the 2016 presidential election. These two lines of discussion and inquiry are about meddling and collusion. They are often confused and merged together, probably on purpose by many on the Left. Meddling is something that happens frequently. It’s when one country interferes to a greater or lesser extent in the elections of another country. Obama famously interfered with the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli parliamentary elections. See Note 1 below. Meddling…