May 2018

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Has the Real North Korean Summit Just Started?

With Everything Now Going on, Has the Korean Summit Just Started? Look at the latest developments in the U. S. – North Korean Summit planning meetings. What meetings are taking place right now?  Are they significant? Do they indicate that there will be a Korean Summit on June 12th between President Trump and Kim Jong-un? Will the Korean peninsula be de-nuclearized? Let’s answer these questions now … What Korean Summit Planning Meetings are Taking Place Now? To begin with, North Korea’s #2 leader has arrived in New York on Tuesday. Kim Yong Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea, is the…

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Will the House Impeach Trump in 2019?

Will the House Impeach Trump Next Year? Several Democrats have mentioned that the House will likely impeach Trump after the November elections if the Democrats gain a majority in the House. Rep. Al Green,  a Texas Democrat, recently told C-SPAN that even a Republican member of the House was “strongly considering” voting for impeachment. Is this idle talk? Is this wishful thinking on the part of radical leftists? Are the Democrats just plain delusional? Reality and President Trump It makes no sense for the House to impeach Trump. The reality is that he is a popular president who is gaining…

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Is the North Korea Nuclear Summit Off?

Is the North Korea Nuclear Summit with President Trump Now Off? This week, North Korea is threatening to pull out of the nuclear summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Why? Ostensibly, North Korea is upset over the joint U. S. and South Korean military exercises. It says that the military exercises are a dress rehearsal for an invasion of North Korea. Is this an early indicator that the nuclear summit will be cancelled? Is Kim Jong-un getting cold feet? Is he having second thoughts on giving up his nuclear weapons and ICBM capabilities? Is this nuclear…

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Subpoena Trump – Does It Make Sense?

Does It Make Sense for the Mueller Investigation to Subpoena President Trump? If you follow the Mueller investigation, there are now discussions about whether or not the Mueller investigation will subpoena Trump. Despite the fact that Trump has often said that he wanted to talk to Special Counsel Mueller, many Trump supporters and legal advisers are warning Trump that talking to Mueller is essentially a perjury trap. Any exaggeration or factual mistake on the president’s part might be construed by the Special Counsel as lying and therefore a felony. That’s what might have happened to Michael Flynn. He pleaded guilty…