March 2018

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Will the Republican Party Split into Two Parties?

Will Trump Signing the Omnibus Bill Cause a Republican Party Split into Two New Parties? A potential Republican Party split has been on the verge of happening for years, but the rank and file party members have been giving the Republican Party one chance after another to fix their problems. The Republican Party has been divided down the middle like a political San Andreas Fault. On one side are the conservatives who believe in traditional conservative values, smaller government, strong national defense, lower taxes, fewer regulations, a strong and stable monetary supple. In sharp contrast, on the other side of…

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Facebook, Dow Jones and Presidential Campaign Models

Facebook, Trump, and Obama Presidential Campaign Models – Breaking News Facebook made big headlines this week due to Facebook users’ personal data being utilized in presidential campaign models. There are at least five reasons summarized here: Facebook lost $40 Billion of market capitalization today (market capitalization or market cap for short is the value of all Facebook stock shares put together) after regulators in both the U. S. and U. K. criticized Facebook for allowing users the ability to access personal data that allegedly helped the Trump presidential campaign. [Note 1] Facebook stock dropped 6.77% on Monday. [Note 2] As…

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Highly Anticipated New Book Launches Today!

New Book Launches Today – More Great News for America From the Press Release for the new book we see … there’s More Great News for America coming – according to Dr. Gerard Lameiro, who has been called by radio and TV hosts across the country “America’s #1 Political Analyst” and the “Nostradamus of Political Elections.” Many will recall that in 2016 Dr. Lameiro accurately predicted in his prescient 2016 book, “Great News for America” a conservative victory while most pollsters and pundits gave Trump almost zero chance of winning the presidential election. In his Electoral College forecast, Dr. Lameiro correctly…