August 2017

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Trump’s Response to Hurricane Harvey

How Well Did President Trump Respond to Hurricane Harvey? Hurricane Harvey is Trump’s first major natural disaster since taking office. How well did he prepare for the disaster? How well did his administration prepare for it? As the devastation took place, how well did President Trump respond to it? Was his visit to Texas on Tuesday appropriate? Or, did he get in the way of response efforts? Let’s rate President Trump’s response to his first natural disaster now … How Well Did President Trump Prepare for Hurricane Harvey? Trump wasted no time preparing his administration for dealing with a potential…

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Is the Alt-Right part of the Alt-Left?

Is the Alt-Right another Alt-Left Group? Given the recent violence in Charlottesville with the alt-left battling the alt-right, most people probably think the two factions are separate and distinct extremist groups adamantly opposed to each other. But is that really true? It might surprise you that the two groups could be closely related and in fact, might be working together to divide America into angry factions and to keep minority voting blocs together in the 2018 election. This might be called a “divide and conquer” strategy. Let’s take an in-depth look now … What is the Alt-Right? The term alt-right…

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The Real Solution to Charlottesville

What is the Real Cause of the Recent Violence in Charlottesville? By now, nearly every American who reads or listens to the news has heard about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last Saturday. We heard about the driver who smashed into counterprotestors, killing one. We learned about others who were hurt as well. We heard about the ostensible reason for the original protests, and the subsequent counterprotests. Can a dispute over the removal of 150 year statues trigger violence in 21st century America? Surely, there must be something much deeper operating in our political culture today. Despite disagreement from the…

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Can a Military Confrontation with North Korea Be Avoided?

Can America Avoid a Military Confrontation with North Korea? Thanks to North Korea, a military confrontation continues to ratchet up in that part of the world. North Korea’s belligerent rhetoric, constant military boasts and threats, as well as the on-going launching of ever more potent ICBM’s seem to be driving an ultimate military confrontation. Let’s look at the situation in detail and assess the likelihood of avoiding a major military operation against North Korea. What’s the Current Situation that’s Driving the Crisis with North Korea? The most recent ICBM missile test now shows that the North Koreans might be able…