July 2017

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Trump’s Priorities Now – Top 3 This Week

Trump’s Priorities Now – White House Staff, ObamaCare Push, Handle North Korea As President Trump enters August, his clear priorities appear to be cleaning up the bickering and fighting among White House staff, pushing Congress into repealing the ObamaCare disaster, and handling North Korea’s nuclear ICBM threat against America. What’s likely to happen next? Will Trump overcome all three challenges? Do Trump’s adversaries understand what they are about to face? Let’s discuss Trump’s priorities now … Trump Intends to Clean Up the White House Staff In-Fighting With the appointment of a no-nonsense, tough and saavy retired four-star Marine General, John…

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Repubs, Dems and Populism – Who Will Win?

Republicans, Democrats and Populism – Who Will Win? In a wave of populism sweeping America and the world, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Trump clearly received a conservative mandate to usher in a new American Constitutional Era consisting of these crucial planks: Drain the swamp in Washington and make politicians accountable to the people, not to special interests Restore the Constitution and the Rule of Law Restore integrity to our borders and the immigration system Repeal and replace Obamacare, the law that wreaked havoc on our healthcare system and its price structure This week, in…

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Russian Collusion – Another Nothing Burger

Russian Collusion – A Political Diet with More Empty Calories Another week and a another story about possible Russian collusion by the Trump campaign, it truly is getting a bit old and monotonous! It is a steady political diet of empty calories. What’s the Latest Narrative about Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign? Donald Trump, Jr. was lured to a meeting with a Russian lawyer presumably because they might have some negative information on the Clinton presidential campaign. It turns out that there was no negative information on the Clinton campaign to share with Donald Jr. Instead, apparently the Russian…