May 2017

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The generic drug will contain no active ingredients that could be detrimental to your health. Clomid ungrammatically online prescription can help you keep control of all aspects of your. Oxycodone is used to treat pain in moderate to severe cases of chronic non-cancer pain, such as musculoskeletal disease, post-surgery pain, and cancer of the lower.this is the first time that fentanyl has been reported as a factor in the deaths of individuals with end-stage renal disease (esrd), according to the study, presented at the annual meeting of the renal transplant.

The Left is Moving into the Political Wilderness

The Left will be Left Out in the Political Wilderness for Generations The Left will be left out in the political wilderness for generations to come, since they are doing everything they possibly can to alienate American voters. If you want to review their foolish tactics, just read my blog post from last week. The Left is also fighting both long term and short term political and economic trends as well as the 21st century zeitgeist of popularism. The American people now seek morality and the elimination of corruption in government. They also seek freedom in their lives as guaranteed…

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Trump’s Battle with the Left

Trump’s Battle with the Left – Part of America’s Uncivil War Trump’s Battle with the Left is truly unprecedented. Never before in America’s 240 years of history has an ideological movement on a broad scale abandoned Constitutional principles, attacked the fundamental ideas associated with freedom and free markets, and attempted to block a sitting presidential administration from faithfully carrying out its responsibilities. Plus, all of this is done under a false and dishonest leftist narrative about Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign that is completely unsupported by any facts. Clearly, Trump’s Battle with the Left began and continues because…

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Breaking News – Why was Comey Fired?

FBI Director Comey was Fired – What Really Happened? On Tuesday, President Trump followed the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to dismiss FBI Director James Comey. Rosenstein had just been confirmed by the Senate at the end of April and was reviewing Director Comey’s performance. He wrote a detailed letter to the Attorney General who agreed with the recommendation in a separate letter to the president. Both letters indicated that Comey be dismissed as Director of the FBI. Was Comey Fit to Lead the FBI given his Record? According to the Department of…

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America’s Uncivil War – Across America

Does America have an Uncivil War going on Right Now? If you look around America today and witness what is supposed to be civil debate, we see that America is experiencing a new type of war, an Uncivil War. This Uncivil War impacts our relationships, our work and school lives, and even our Freedom of Speech. America’s Uncivil War is a fairly new phenomenon that’s both uncomfortable and unfortunate. It’s disconcerting to many Americans in their families and their lives. It’s damaging not only to normal political debate, but also to the core of our Freedom of Speech, because people…

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Trump and the Roadblock Republicans

Who are the Roadblock Republicans? The Roadblock Republicans have been called lots of names over the last few decades. They have been called Establishment Republicans or the Republican Establishment. They have been called RINOs – Republicans in Name Only. They have been called Moderates or Moderate Republicans as well as Liberal Republicans. Years ago, they might have been called Rockefeller Republicans and sometimes East Coast Liberal Establishment Republicans. Whatever they were called, they had a few things in common. They seemed to agree with Democrats on many issues, but generally supported and voted for more moderate versions of progressive socialist policies…