January 2017

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Trump + Conservative Tsunami Drowning Left

President Trump and a Popular, Conservative Tsunami is Drowning the Left Politically Trump won the historic 2016 presidential election as part of a popular, conservative tsunami ushering in the new Conservative Era I discussed in detail in my book Great News for America. Not surprisingly, the uber left has reacted in their usual ways, whining and complaining, coloring books and safe spaces, recounts and fake news, protests and marches, rioting and violence, and when all else fails, lawsuits.  But, none of those 20th century tactics are working in this the new Conservative Era. President Trump and a popular, conservative tsunami…

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President Trump Week One vs. the Uber Left – Who is Winning?

President Trump Week One vs. the Uber Left – Who is Really Winning? President Trump Week One is a study in rapid fire action and turning the nation toward conservative principles and policies. So far, it’s a long list of dramatic changes in policy direction from the failed progressive socialist agenda of Obama and Clinton to the traditional values of freedom and prosperity that built America into the greatest nation on the face of the earth. In parallel with President Trump’s decisive “Make America Great Again” actions, the uber left sore losers continue to complain about their stunning electoral defeats….

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Trump’s Inauguration Will Result in Optimism

Trump’s Inauguration is an Optimistic Celebration First and foremost, Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th, 2017 is an optimistic celebration. Despite some Democrats boycotting the Inauguration festivities and some left wing radicals hoping to disrupt the events, most Americans are celebrating once again America’s peaceful transition of power. The fact is that out of over 3,100 counties in the United States, Trump carried about 2,600 counties to Clinton’s roughly 500 counties. (http://brilliantmaps.com/2016-county-election-map/) Another fact is that most Americans believed that America was on the wrong track preceding the 2016 presidential election. Last summer, RealClearPolitics was reporting nearly 70% of the average “Direction…

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For Readers, Listeners, TV and Talk Radio Show Hosts and Producers

Note to Readers, Listeners, Hosts and Producers – Week of January 8th, 2017 For readers, listeners, hosts and producers, during 2016, I did a record-breaking (for me) 469 TV and Talk Radio show interviews, all on the presidential election and the subsequent presidential transition. I decided it was time for a break. I don’t plan to write my usual Monday blog post on January 9th. I also don’t plan to do any TV or Talk Radio show interviews from Sunday, January 8th, through Saturday, January 14th. Hope you have a great week! For More Information on the Presidential Transition and…

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We’re Proud to be Conservatives!

Conservatives in the Old Anti-Constitutional Era that Just Ended It’s time to be proud that we are conservatives, living in America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth. With the constant onslaught of attacks made by the progressives, the socialists, the anarchists, the ultra left, and their comrades in the OLD Main Stream Media (OMSM), in far left Hollywood, and in the ivory towers in universities, many conservatives have chosen to sit still and be quiet. Often, they have self-censored their views.  Often, they have shut off their opinions, hidden their true values, and kept quiet rather than…