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Trump’s Achilles Heel

Trump’s Achilles Heel Trump’s Achilles Heel is real.   It’s true that Trump has dominated news cycles for months and it’s true that he has led, and now continues to lead, the 2016 Republican presidential polls substantially.  He has shown both courage and strength.  He has thrilled crowds with his tough talk.  He has been able to say things that nearly no one else would dare say.  Plus, he has taken on the media.  Trump sometimes looks invincible.  But, if you look more closely, Trump has an Achilles heel.  Let’s discuss it next … What are Voters Seeking This Year? Voters…

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National Book Tour for Great News for America

National Book Tour Update – Due to some unforeseen circumstances, including a server that went down, the Press Release has been delayed until probably mid-day Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 13th. This week the National Book Tour for my newest book, Great News for America, begins.  My publicist Sandy Frazier in New York will be managing the tour.  The Press Release goes out on Tuesday, January 12th.  The timing seems ideal for a book that covers the 2016 presidential election from a unique and innovative point of view.  It’s about three weeks from the Iowa caucuses and four weeks from the New…

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Will the 2016 Presidential Election be Historic and Critical?

Hold on to your hats!  This is going to be an incredible presidential election.  It will probably be both historic (like few other presidential elections) and critical (because there will be political party and political institution realignments taking place).  Let’s discuss why the 2016 presidential election will be both historic and critical now … Why is the 2016 Presidential Election Historic? First and foremost, American voters are angry, frustrated and upset with the political parties and “establishment” politicians because they have largely ignored voters and their demands to solve many issues facing America.  Americans are tired of sending people back…