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Will Convention Rules Determine the Republican Nominee?

Will Convention Rules Determine the Republican Presidential Nominee? Convention Rules are vitally important.  While many people are focused on who’s ahead in the delegate count today, it’s possible the Republican Party Convention Rules will dramatically influence or even determine the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.  Let’s get an update on the delegate counts and then look at some of the current and potential new rules that can make a big difference in this race. Where Does the Race Stand? Here’s an update on where the Republican presidential race stands on Monday, March 21st, prior to the Tuesday, March 22nd, Arizona Primary…

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Will Super Tuesday #2 Determine the Republican Nominee?

Will Super Tuesday #2 Be Decisive? Super Tuesday #2 is March 15th.  It follows two weeks after Super Tuesday #1 on March 1st.  While Super Tuesday #1 was important, some people think Super Tuesday #2 might be decisive.  Will Super Tuesday #2 be decisive?  Will it determine the ultimate Republican presidential nominee?  Let’s discuss these questions next … Going into Super Tuesday #2, Where Does the Republican Nomination Stand? Here are the delegate counts going into Super Tuesday #2: Trump – 460 (44%) Cruz – 370 (35%) Rubio – 163 (15%) Kasich – 63 (6%) That means Trump + Cruz…

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Ten Predictions – All Seem to be Coming True!

Ten Predictions – All Seem to be Coming True! Ten Predictions that are identified and described in my new book, Great News for America, seem to be coming true as we follow the 2016 presidential election.  Great News for America was written in 2015.  Yet, its predictions all appear to be coming true.  Here are three of my ten predictions … 1.  Prediction – A Rare, Historic and Critical Presidential Election Great News for America predicts a relatively rare historic and critical 2016 presidential election.  That means a historic, record-setting voter turnout. Look at the numbers today in the Republican presidential…

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Super Tuesday – What to Look for in the Results?

Super Tuesday – A Big Day in the 2016 Presidential Election With nearly a dozen States holding primaries and caucuses, with about 600 Republican delegates up for grabs, and with heated rhetoric flowing freely among the presidential contenders, Super Tuesday should be a big day.  It should go a long way in determining who will be nominated.  Of course, according to the polls, many States will go to Trump who appears to be taking a commanding lead in the race.  Yet, the attacks by Rubio and Cruz in the last debate and in the last few days have been rough…

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Will It be a Trump vs. Clinton Race?

Trump vs. Clinton – Inevitable? Trump vs. Clinton – Inevitable?  Both seem to be winning their respective party nomination races. Are Trump and Clinton now unstoppable?  Are they really inevitable at this point in their party races? What scenarios might develop in the next few weeks that will change the course of this 2016 presidential election race? Let’s discuss several viable alternatives now … What Scenarios Might Alter the Republican Race? Drop Out Scenarios – Either Kasich or Carson Drop Out Before Super Tuesday Both Kasich and Carson Drop Out After Super Tuesday VP Selection Scenarios – Trump Picks Cruz…

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South Carolina Primary – An Important Battleground State

South Carolina Primary – An Important Battleground State South Carolina Primary is next Saturday, February 20th. Last Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate was filled with vigorous debate, heated arguments, tough charges, rough counter-charges, pointed insults and more!  Two of the words heard often were “lie” and “liar.”  It was a debate filled with verbal fireworks, uncomfortable friction, and unresolved issues.  What’s going on?  Why is this presidential election year so different from others? Why is it so contentious with so much animosity?  What type of president are Americans seeking in 2016? South Carolina Primary – Why is the SC Primary…

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New Hampshire Primary Important?

New Hampshire Primary – Important? Is the New Hampshire Primary Important?  That’s the question this week.  If it’s important, how important is it really?  Did Trump close another big deal in his career? Did Bernie “Bern-Up” Hillary’s chances of getting the Democratic nomination?  Is it now a guarantee that we will see a Trump – Sanders race for The White House in November?  Let’s talk about these questions and more now … Who Were the Big Winners in New Hampshire? Certainly, Trump met expectations by improving his ground game and coming up with about 35%of the vote.  He also clearly…

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New Hampshire Primary – Key Questions

New Hampshire Primary – Coming Up Tuesday February 9, 2016 New Hampshire primary is coming up only eight days after the Iowa caucuses.  The results in Iowa were surprising to many 2016 presidential election watchers.  Ted Cruz and his strong ground organization trumped Donald Trump and won after numerous recent polls predicted Trump would be victorious.  Also, Marco Rubio, whose numbers had been somewhat flat in recent Iowa polls, suddenly jumped up into third place, nearly beating Trump, and winning the same number of Republican National Convention delegates as Trump, namely 7 delegates.  Of particular importance, it was a historic…

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Iowa Caucus Only One Week Away

Iowa caucus is only one week away and news stories about the Republican presidential nomination race fill the news media.  What are some of the big questions on citizens minds as we approach the Iowa caucus?  What answers do we have today?  Let’s discuss these questions now … Iowa Caucus – Big Questions Now Of course, the first big question is who will win?  Scott Walker was the early leader.  But, he left the race long ago.  Ben Carson was the leader for a time with about 29% near his peak back in the October timeframe.  Ted Cruz got up…