December 2016

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Top Six Predictions for Inauguration Day

Will President Trump Make Inauguration Day a Working Day? We are only about three weeks from Inauguration Day. President-Elect Trump’s journey from unlikely candidate, to primary and caucus winner, to Republican presidential nominee, and then ultimately to winner of the presidential election, has been an historic odyssey of surprising twists and turns and overnight tweets. It’s a journey that has challenged both conventional expectations and the Establishments in both major parties and the old Main Stream Media (MSM). The pollsters, the media, and the elite are all still reeling in the wake of Trump’s wave election. Indeed, as I predicted…

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Are We Seeing the End of the Democratic Party?

Are We Seeing the End of the Democratic Party (As We Know It) in 2016? In my book, Great News for America, I predicted that the Democratic Party (as we know it) will end in 2016. It has just happened. The Democratic Party (as we knew it) has effectively ended. It’s over. It’s history. The Democratic Party (as we knew it) ended on November 9th, 2016, when Clinton conceded the presidential election. She lost the election. The Democrats lost the White House, the House, and the Senate. The Establishment Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, and the Clinton political machine, ALL lost….

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Will the Electoral College Survive the 2016 Presidential Election?

Why has the Left been Attacking the Electoral College? Ever since Trump beat Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, the uber left has been attacking the Presidential Electoral College. Their main argument is that Clinton won the popular vote and Trump won the electoral vote and in a “democracy,” the popular vote should count. Of course, this misses the point: America is not a democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic formed by a group of “Free and Independent States” (see The Declaration of Independence) that joined together for the common good. Plus, the uber left are upset they didn’t win. The…

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Presidential Appointments – Updated List 2

Some Major Presidential Appointments – An Updated List 2 This is updated list 2 of presidential appointments, updated from my blog posts of November 21, 2016 and November 29, 2016. Below are some of President-Elect Trump’s major appointments. Some require Senate confirmation, while other don’t require Senate confirmation. Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor – Steve Bannon. He is an outstanding conservative political strategist. He’s a great person to keep the Trump administration on track politically. He also will oversee the many political battles the left will use to attempt to block Trump. He’s a sharp strategist familiar with winning battles. He is…

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How to Read and Understand Trump’s Tweets, Calls, and Other Actions?

How Should We Read and Understand Trump’s Tweets, Calls and Other Actions? Trump’s tweets and other actions seem to be a constant source of controversy, especially among the uber left. Trump just doesn’t seem to do things the way the “old establishment” expects them done. From the uber left’s warped perspective, Trump’s tweets break protocol more often than seasoned athletes break a sweat. Take Trump’s call with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. That really raised red flags for violating protocol. The uber left demanded Trump apologize and say he made a terrible mistake. But, was it a mistake at all? Are…