October 2016

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Latest Electoral College Forecast: Trump 339 – Clinton 199 Electoral Votes

What is the Latest Electoral College Forecast by Dr. Lameiro? My latest Electoral College forecast gives Trump 339 Electoral Votes to Clinton’s 199 Electoral Votes. That’s a solid 140 Electoral Vote victory and will make Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United State of America. What Will the Popular Vote Victory Be? Trump will win with a margin of 5.7% in popular vote. What Does this Latest Electoral College Forecast Mean to Americans? As I wrote in my book Great News for America that launched in January before the primary and caucus season got started, 2016 will be an…

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Are the Presidential Election Polls Rigged?

Are the Polls Rigged? Are the Numbers Phony? Are the Polls Wrong? Are the presidential polls rigged? Are the numbers phony? Donald Trump tweeted out on Monday about a major story that the Dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress “the Trump.” Is Trump really right about the polls? Are they intended to mislead voters? Are they meant to help depress Trump’s supporters and to help suppress Trump’s voter turnout?  Let’s look at these questions now … What’s the Evidence that Polls Might Be Rigged or Just Plain Wrong? It is difficult to determine the intent of…

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Clinton’s Campaign Strategy is Failing Now

What is Clinton’s Campaign Strategy Now? It appears that Clinton’s campaign strategy now is to focus on attacking Trump. According to the Clinton campaign and/or their supporters, Trump is “unfit” to lead and “unfit” to be commander-in-chief. Additionally, he is criticized for alleged treatment of some women in his past and in particular, one tape of comments he made that was released two days prior to the second presidential debate, the so-called locker room comments. Why is Clinton’s Campaign Strategy Failing? In the past, personally attacking a candidate generally boosted their opponent in the minds of voters. But, it’s not…

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Forget the Polls, the Media, the Elite – It Will Be President Trump

It Will Be President Trump – Despite the Polls, the Media, and the Elite! At precisely 12 noon on January 20th, 2017, President Trump will be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America. The historic and critical presidential election of 2016 will officially come to an end after a hard fought and tough victory over both the Establishment Republican Party, the Establishment Democratic Party, the no longer mainstream media, and countless polls proclaiming the loser would win. The elite, the media, and the polling experts will be in shock the day after Election Day….

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Where Does the Presidential Election Stand Today?

Where Does the Presidential Election Really Stand Today? The presidential election is approaching quickly. We are now only about 35 days before Election Day. In fact, early voting has begun in some States. The polls have gone back and forth. Personal attacks are being hurled left and right. Major issues have been ignored in many cases. For example, does the average voter realize the Obama administration has just given the Internet away to an international body? The debates are in progress.  The next presidential debate is Sunday, October 9th, at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Where does the presidential…