May 2016

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Mainstream Media Ends Now?

Mainstream Media Ends Now – An Update on My Prediction Mainstream Media Ends Now. In my 2016 book, Great News for America, I predicted the “End of the Mainstream Media’s Influence (as we know it) in Presidential Elections.” This is Prediction #9 of ten predictions that I made in the book that would happen before, during, or after the historic and critical 2016 presidential election.  All ten of those predictions appear to be in the process of coming true. Let’s discuss Prediction #9 now … What Was Prediction #9 All About? In past presidential elections, the mainstream media (MSM) consisting of the…

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Are Trump’s Supreme Court Picks Conservative?

Trump’s Supreme Court Picks – Conservative or Progressive? Last week, Trump’s Supreme Court picks list was made public. All together, Trump selected 6 Federal Appeals Court judges and 5 State Supreme Court judges for his list. Trump indicated that he might consider additional judges in the future to those already on his current list.  If he did, Trump indicated they would follow the same philosophy as those currently on the list. The question conservative voters, the media, and others are asking is simple: “Are Trump’s Supreme Court picks conservative, progressive, or both?  Let’s look at these potential Supreme Court justices…

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Who’s Ahead in Trump-Clinton Race?

Who’s Ahead in the Trump-Clinton Race This Week? In the Trump-Clinton race this week, Trump has moved ahead by 2 points according to an NBC News / Survey Monkey Weekly Tracking Poll.  According to this national tracking poll, conducted online among about 14,000 adults (about 12,500 registered to vote), Clinton holds the edge over Trump with 48% to 45%.  This is down from the previous week’s numbers, 49% to 46%.  The error estimate for this particular poll is +/- 1.2%.  It is nearly a statistical tie with the momentum currently going to Trump. This means the Trump-Clinton gap has moved…

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Will a Third Party Candidate Deny Both Trump and Clinton Needed 270 Electoral Votes?

Will a Third Party Candidate Throw the Election into the House of Representatives? A third party candidate might prevent both Trump and Clinton from getting the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the 2016 presidential election by winning only about six States. What third party candidate scenarios are possible? Why are people considering them? What’s likely to happen next in this historic, critical and often tumultuous 2016 presidential election? Let’s discuss these questions now … Why Don’t All Establishment Republicans and Conservatives Support Trump? Many establishment Republicans as well as conservative Republicans fall into the categories of #NeverTrump or #NotSureAboutTrump….

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Will Kasich Assure Trump’s Nomination?

Will Kasich Assure Trump’s Nomination? While John Kasich is largely being ignored by the media, will Kasich assure Trump’s nomination? According to a Public Policy Polling survey released this week, 49% of voters in the John Kasich’s State of Ohio think its time for him to exit the race.  This is a big reversal from two months ago when 52% of Ohio voters thought he should stay in the race. Does it matter if Kasich stays in the race or not?  If he continues to stay in the race until the July convention, what is the impact on the Republican…