November 2015

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Should We Expect an Uncivil, “Civil War of Words” in the Republican Party Next?

As we rapidly approach the Republican presidential caucuses and primaries in about two months, should we expect to see an uncivil, “civil war of words?”  It’s true that Trump and Cruz appear to be methodically moving ahead in the presidential nomination race.  Please see my blog post from last week for more details on Trump and Cruz.  If that continues to turn out true, no “establishment” Republican candidate will be nominated by the Republican Party.  It’s reasonable to expect that Republicans and the mainstream media will not rollover and give up.  Starting very soon, we can expect to see an…

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Is the Republican Presidential Race Now Down to Just 2 Candidates – Trump and Cruz?

For the last few weeks, the Republican presidential nomination race has been effectively narrowed down to four candidates: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.  With the terrible Paris attacks and the candidates reaction to those attacks, the polls have moved dramatically.  Trump has solidified his significant lead and the #1 spot.  Carson’s support has dropped precipitously in some places.  Rubio and Cruz have moved upwards.  But, even more importantly, we might now be able to predict who the final two candidates will probably be.  Of course, in a dynamic race, with global events taking place all around us, things could change…

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Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attack?

It has been suggested that the attacks in Paris this past weekend were not just a terrorist attack against helpless citizens, but a coordinated attack meant to assassinate French President Hollande.  All together there were about six locations for the attacks that took place in about a 30 minute time period.  It’s possible some of these attacks were meant to be distractions and diversions to potentially throw President Hollande’s security force off guard.  Remember that President Hollande was in attendance at Stade de France, the first location to be hit.  Were these attacks a botched assassination attempt?  Has ISIS changed…

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Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Mainstream Media – Who Will Win?

The Politico article about Ben Carson opened up the issue again.  The recent Republican presidential debate hosted by CNBC and their relentless attack questions fueled the issue too.  The reality is that the mainstream media makes no pretense of being objective journalists any more.  They are partisans with a definite agenda.  They are attacking the Republican presidential candidates.  Of course, progressive and socialist candidates get essentially a free ride with softball questions.  The Republican presidential candidates versus the mainstream media (MSM) – who is going to win?  Let’s talk about the issue now … How Does the Mainstream Media (MSM) Work Today? The MSM spend their time…

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Carson’s Ahead of Trump – What’s Next?

In the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll on Tuesday, November 3rd, Carson has moved ahead of Trump 29% – 23%. That’s the second of three major national polls that show Carson has become the frontrunner in the race for Republican presidential nomination. Is this a major polling change or a temporary post-debate bump? Will Trump drop out rather than be #2? Let’s discuss these questions and more now … What are Polling Numbers Now for the Top 5 Candidates? Tuesday, November 3 – NBC/WSJ – Carson 29, Trump 23, Rubio 11, Cruz 10, Bush 8, Others 3 or lower Saturday, October…