October 2015

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Will the Republican Presidential Race Get Shaken Up This Week?

There’s no question the race has been heating up and we can expect some surprises and a potential shakeup this week.  We can also expect the number of candidates to fall from 14 down to a more manageable number between now and Thanksgiving.  What can we expect in the Republican Presidential Debate this week and what can we expect in the aftermath to the debate?  Let’s talk about it now … First, When and Where is the Next Republican Presidential Debate? The third Republican Presidential Debate takes place this week on Wednesday, October 28th, in Boulder, Colorado at the University of…

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Who Will Become the Republican VP Nominee?

Trump said this week that it’s too early to be mentioning a potential vice presidential nominee.  But, actually, it’s not too early to start thinking about possible vice presidential nominees.  Let’s talk about who will probably get the Republican presidential nomination and who they might choose for their vice presidential nominee now … Where Does the Republican Presidential Nomination Stand? On Monday, when this blog post is written, the Republican presidential polls have changed.  The Trump – Carson difference has continued to be closer than a few weeks ago.  According to the RealClear Politics average of recent polls, Trump and Carson are only about 2.6%…

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Is the House of Representatives in Chaos?

Is the House of Representatives in sheer chaos as some in the mainstream media claim?  Or, is the House in a powerful transformation?  Is this business as usual?  Or, is this part of the 2016 critical presidential election?  Is this simply a disagreement over tactics?  Or, is this part of the end of the Republican Party (as we know it) that I predicted months ago?  Let’s discuss these questions now … Chaos or Transformation – What’s Going on in the House of Representatives? The media calls it chaos.  I think they are wrong.  What we are seeing today is the transformation of…