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Who Won Last Night’s Republican Presidential Debate?

At times it was really a bit heated on Tuesday night in Las Vegas.  As we fast approach the Iowa caucuses, there was more pressure on the Republican presidential candidates to try to boost their poll numbers in front of a national audience.  There were squabbles and stressed expressions and a few light-hearted moments.  But, who were the winners?  Will Trump maintain his sizable, national lead in the polls?  Will Cruz continue on top in Iowa?  Will Carson stop his decline?  Plus, who won the Cruz – Rubio battle for #2 spot?  Did Bush improve his numbers?  Here’s are my thoughts written after the debate ended …

Trump – Seemed like the same Trump the voters have pushed to the top of the polls.  Was able to deflect negative questions.  Still seemed forceful and strong.  Able to explain his “sometimes bold” statements in rather straight-forward, simple answers.  Committed strongly to running and/or supporting the Republican ticket and avoiding running as an independent, third party candidate.

Cruz – Got the most air time.  In my view, Cruz won the debate by being presidential, being positive with Trump, and articulating strong positions on global terrorism and immigration.  Defended against attacks by Rubio very well.  Left Rubio looking frustrated.  Attacked Rubio very effectively.  Also, countered pro-Rubio ads.  Had the best laugh line of the night, about that he was going to build a wall on our southern border, and he was going to make … “Trump pay for it.”  Even Trump laughed.

Carson – Once again, thoughtful and cerebral.  Had good answers on ISIS and global terrorism.  But, did not have a commanding presence.  Doubt if Carson will back bounce again.

Rubio – In my view, Rubio lost the debate and will drop in the next few polls.  Did not seem any match for Cruz or Trump.

Bush – Seemed to have a better debate.  Yet, he still came across as tentative, bland and stiff.  Don’t expect his poll numbers to improve.

Big Question After the Debate – If Bush stays around 4% and Rubio drops from about 12% to 9%, who will take up the mantle of the “establishment” candidate?  It might be Chris Christie, especially since he is rising in recent New Hampshire polls.

Overall Race – It continues to look like Trump and Cruz are the top two Republican presidential candidates, with Trump the tough, street smart, fighter personality, and with Cruz being the solid conservative leader, who is an outstanding debater and who has in-depth policy knowledge.

New Book Coming Soon –

My new book about the exciting and surprising 2016 critical presidential election is launching on Tuesday, January 5th.  It’s called Great News for America and it makes ten stunning predictions that will happen before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.  You will not want to miss this optimistic book for America and its future.  Thanks to the efficiencies of publishing, it’s actually available now at Amazon in a print edition.  The Kindle edition will be available in about another week.  A new website GreatNewsForAmerica.com is available now too.  Please contact Sandy Frazier if you want to schedule Dr. Lameiro for a guest interview on his new book Great News for America.