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America’s Uncivil War – Across America

Does America have an Uncivil War going on Right Now?

If you look around America today and witness what is supposed to be civil debate, we see that America is experiencing a new type of war, an Uncivil War. This Uncivil War impacts our relationships, our work and school lives, and even our Freedom of Speech.

America’s Uncivil War is a fairly new phenomenon that’s both uncomfortable and unfortunate. It’s disconcerting to many Americans in their families and their lives. It’s damaging not only to normal political debate, but also to the core of our Freedom of Speech, because people simply stop talking to each another. People are often afraid to disagree with one another.

People are frequently hesitant to bring up political topics with family members and friends for fear of starting a fight. People are even afraid to mention President Trump at work or in their schools and colleges, because of the real fear of losing friends or starting a big argument.

Speeches by conservatives are summarily shut down or prevented on college campuses by threats and intimidations, and sometimes even by protests, riots, property damage and violence.

Let’s talk about America’s Uncivil War now …

What is America’s Uncivil War?

In our relationships, one report cites that about 10% of couples (married or not married) have ended their relationship due to battles stemming from political differences! Among millennial couples, the statistics are even worse. Political differences result in breakups 22% of the time. See Note 1.

In our colleges and universities, prominent conservative speakers have been met with threats, intimidations, and protests that can erupt into violence, property damage, and riots. The stories surrounding Ann Coulter, Charles Murray and Milo Yiannopoulos are just some of the recent examples prominent in the news.

But, the stifling of Freedom of Speech in America’s Uncivil War goes even further on campuses. It’s not just famous speakers who are unable to speak freely and without incident. Republican students report being “mocked, spat on and punched.” So much for civil discourse and open and friendly debate. See Note 2.

At work, America’s Uncivil War shows up as added stress and tension, often as negative feelings and cynicism. Harris Polls, in a study for the American Psychological Association, found 26% of respondents felt stress or tense after the November election and 21% felt negative or cynical. The poll was done between February and March 2017. See Note 3.

Another example in America’s Uncivil War is the teacher in a Weld County Colorado high school that had students beat a pinata with President Trump’s photo on it as part of a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Certainly, that shows a complete lack of respect for the President of the United States of America. The teacher was placed on paid administrative leave. See Note 4.

What’s the Main Cause of America’s Uncivil War?

The Uber Left or radical Left, including many in the Democratic Party, the old mainstream media, universities, and Hollywood, refuse to accept the results of the November presidential election. They wanted Clinton to win. They wanted America to become a progressive, European-like, socialist country. They prefer big government, the Welfare State, and a watered-down version of the Constitution. Plus, they want to follow only those laws they agree with.

They are very worried that President Trump will undo most of Obama’s progressive socialist agenda and results.

They see their power slipping with the loss of over 1,000 political seats held during the Obama administration.

They see their former judicial power base slipping away too. Not only is America moving toward a super Conservative majority on the Supreme Court for two generations, but also, this week President Trump will likely begin filling about 130 Federal District and Circuit Court judge openings. Recall, in the past, the Left used judicial activism by progressive judges to ram down progressive policies on Americans, when they couldn’t win at the ballot box.

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