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Will It be a Trump vs. Clinton Race?

Trump vs. Clinton – Inevitable?

Trump vs. Clinton – Inevitable?  Both seem to be winning their respective party nomination races. Are Trump and Clinton now unstoppable?  Are they really inevitable at this point in their party races? What scenarios might develop in the next few weeks that will change the course of this 2016 presidential election race? Let’s discuss several viable alternatives now …

What Scenarios Might Alter the Republican Race?

  • Drop Out Scenarios –
    • Either Kasich or Carson Drop Out Before Super Tuesday
    • Both Kasich and Carson Drop Out After Super Tuesday
  • VP Selection Scenarios –
    • Trump Picks Cruz for VP – Cruz No Longer a Presidential Candidate
    • Cruz Picks Carson for VP – Carson No Longer a Presidential Candidate
    • Rubio Picks Kasich for VP – Kasich No Longer a Presidential Candidate
  • Trump Talks Himself Out of the Race
    • If voters perceive him as a “progressive” or liberal candidate
    • If voters get overwhelmed with his negative attack style campaign
  • Cruz Talks Himself into the Race
    • Cruz runs a William McKinley “Campaign of Education” (1896 style election strategy that worked well in another historic and critical presidential election)
    • Cruz gets off the defensive and goes on an offensive strategy

What Scenarios Might Alter the Democratic Race?

  • Clinton Withdraws as a Result of Building Scandals and/or an Actual Indictment
    • Potential Email Handling Violations
    • Potential Top Secret Material Handling Violations
    • Potential State Dept. Business – Clinton Foundation Relationship
  • Clinton Withdraws Due to Health Issues
  • Clinton Withdraws Because Polls Indicate She Will Lose Election in a Landslide (Polls will not likely reflect this possibility until Republican nominee is solidified)
  • Sanders Makes Headway Winning More Primaries and Caucuses
  • Joe Biden, John Kerry, or Elizabeth Warren Enter the Race in an Effort to Force Clinton Out and to Beat Sanders
  • Michael Bloomberg Enters the Race after Super Tuesday

Get Ready for an Exciting, Historic and Critical 2016 Presidential Election

It’s not going to be the usual typical presidential election.  You’re going to be surprised … maybe, shocked.  Voter turnout will be historic and record-setting.  The political parties will be dramatically changed.  Plus, there’s a lot more.  Understand this election in a way you won’t find in the media. Read my new book Great News for America.  You will see the election in a whole new way.