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Will Clinton Accept a Trump Victory?

Will Clinton Accept a Trump Victory in the Presidential Election?

My Presidential Electoral College forecast indicates a clear and convincing Trump victory. My forecast gives Trump 339 Electoral Votes to Clinton’s 199 Electoral Votes. I also forecast Trump will win the popular vote with a 5.7% margin over Clinton. Because one Democratic presidential elector in the State of Washington has already stated they will not cast their Electoral Vote for Clinton should Clinton carry Washington, Clinton’s total might fall to 198 in the Presidential Electoral College.

In the third presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, Chris Wallace asked Trump the question: “Would he accept the results of the election?” Trump gave the wise answer that he will wait and see.

I think an important question to ask now is: “Will Clinton accept a Trump victory in the presidential election?”

Will Clinton Blame Her Loss on the Russians?

Clinton might claim that her election loss was caused by the Russians hacking into either election counting software or the hardware associated with tabulating the results. There are some indications that this is a possibility:

  • Breitbart reported on Friday that the U. S. government hackers threaten to INTERVENE over suspicions of Russian intervention in the U. S. election
  • People who like to consider conspiracy theories might have a field day with this story

With or without an actual conspiracy by the Russians or even intervention by the U. S. government against the Russians, Clinton could still use such a possibility as a pretext to demand recounts and to demand audits of the software and hardware across the nation. Such delays might open up the results to doubt and might hold up the functioning of the Presidential Electoral College.

Note, too, recounts can also be opportunities for vote tampering, when so-called lost ballots mysteriously appear out of nowhere.

Will Clinton Blame Her Loss on Voter Intimidation?

Clinton and her campaign seem to be confident that they will win. The latest media polls support those views with the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll at +5% and the Washington Post/ABC poll also at +5%. However, as I have spoken often in the media, there might be significant issues with many polls this campaign season. Brexit, too, was an example of polling problems. Recall the Brexit polls predicted the exact opposite result.

CNN reported Sunday that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a U. S. District Court order in Northern Ohio barring unauthorized poll watching, exit polling and citizen journalist operations that Democrats sought to prevent:

  • Republicans want the freedom to watch the polls to guard against voter fraud
  • Democrats sought to prevent such operations, claiming Voter Intimidation

Late night Sunday, the Ohio Democratic Party made an emergency application to the Supreme Court. Such an application requires 5 justices to restore the District Courts original restraining order. With the 4-4 split, SCOTUS will likely deny the emergency application.

Other related lawsuits have been filed by Democrats in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona.

So, Clinton might choose to pursue additional Voter Intimidation lawsuits to impede Trump’s victory.

Will Clinton Stand Down Rather than Challenge Trump’s Victory?

If Trump does win with a substantial number of Electoral Votes and a significant popular vote margin, I doubt if Clinton will challenge the election results.