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Dr. Lameiro correctly predicted the historic and critical presidential election of 2016 in his prophetic book Great News for America. That book was written in 2015 and launched in January 2016. It predicted a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era, which has now started. It predicted the end of both the Republican and Democratic Parties as we have known them. It predicted the end of the mainstream media’s ability to impact the presidential election as we have known it in the past. It also predicted the rise of the new media as an influence in presidential elections.

Now, find out what’s coming next in America. The economy? The winners? The impacts on our culture? Do you know Dr. Lameiro’s 10 Major Trends for America and the World? They are coming shortly. Will you be ready for them?

Dr. Lameiro has been called the Nostradamus of election predictions by several different Talk Radio Hosts. He has also been called America’s #1 Political Analyst by another Talk Radio Host. Invite Dr. Lameiro to speak at your next event. Your participants will probably leave the event thinking about the future in a brand new way. Contact Dr. Lameiro today.

Speaking – Invite Dr. Lameiro to Speak to Your Group

Speaking.  Dr. Lameiro is a very warm, engaging, enthusiastic, humorous and popular speaker, who garners very positive speaker evaluations.  He can speak to think tanks, political groups, Church and synagogue groups,  business and trade groups, corporate boards, government groups, consumer groups, and other organizations on a variety of topics related to his expertise.

Speaking – Important and Timely Topics for Your Group

Dr. Lameiro can speak to your group on a number of important and timely topics related to his book: Great News for America.

  • Why was the 2016 Presidential Election truly one of only a few Historic and Critical Presidential Elections in American History?
  • What Drove the Moral Outrage of American Voters in 2016?
  • What National Security Issues Added to the Moral Outrage?
  • What Economic Security Issues Added to the Moral Outrage?
  • What were Dr. Lameiro’s 10 Stunning Predictions that would likely happen before, during and after the 2016 Presidential Election?
  • What are the 12 Core Conservative Principles of the new Conservative Era?
  • What will happen to the Republican Party now?
  • What will happen to the Democratic Party now?
  • What will happen to the Old Mainstream Media now?

Dr. Lameiro can also speak to your group on these additional important and engaging topics:

  • God and Freedom
  • The Moral Case for Freedom
  • Lameiro’s Architecture of Freedom
  • The 25 Essential Components of Freedom within a Free Nation
  • How Can We Effectively Minimize the Poverty of Destitution in the 21st Century?

Speeches generally consist of an approximately 45 minute presentation and about a 15 minute Q&A period.

Speaking – For More Information on Inviting Dr. Lameiro to Speak to Your Group

For more information, please use the contact form on the Contact page.  Please be sure to provide information on the name of the group and the venue for the proposed speaking engagement, the date and time proposed, an audience description, the audience size, and your group’s budget.  It’s also important to provide the contact person, their title, email address and mobile phone number.  Note that it’s best to plan speaking engagements as early as possible.