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Repealing ObamaCare – Cutting through the Confusion

Why is Repealing ObamaCare Causing So Much Confusion?

Aside from the progressive socialists that want America to have a single-payer socialized healthcare system, there are several other reasons why repealing ObamaCare is causing so much confusion. Let’s look at those reasons briefly and then, go on to cut through all the confusion. Cutting through the confusion is easier than it looks. Plus, the good news is that America is on its way to a new, improved and less expensive healthcare industry.

What are the Reasons for All the Confusion about Repealing ObamaCare?

  1. The Congressional Budget Office (better known as the CBO) has scored the current Republican bill before Congress known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA) adversely.
    • CBO claims 14 million Americans will lose healthcare under the AHCA
    • CBO also claims it will reduce the deficit by$337 billion over the next 10 years
    • But, the CBO is not scoring the complete repeal and replace series of bills (3 Phases – This is just Phase 1)
    • Secretary Price states there are fewer Americans on the exchanges now (8 million) than the claimed 14 million that the CBO thinks will lose healthcare insurance
    • It appears that CBO thinks current Medicaid recipients will leave the system too
    • CBO has an inadequate track record on ObamaCare scoring
    • Some people think that the CBO is simply another Washington Establishment organization that promotes progressive policies
    • Newt Gingrich suggests Congress use 5 outside professional firms to obtain better estimates of costs and benefits and skip the CBO
  2. Some Democrats like Bernie Sanders is using emotional language during the current debate. He said: “thousands of Americans will die …”.
  3. Some Conservatives are upset it is not a complete repeal of ObamaCare.
    • Back in 2015, the House and Senate agreed to a complete repeal bill and sent it to Obama who did not sign it.
    • They think that’s the best route to take.
    • Then, create a new replacement bill.
  4.  ObamaCare threw a monkey wrench into America’s healthcare system that represents about one sixth of the American Economy.
    • It has adversely impacted that system with higher costs, fewer choices, reduced innovations, and shortages.
    • It is difficult to unravel the mess of its complex bureaucracy, regulations and confusion.
    • It is important to provide a strong safety net for Americans that will need help during and after the transition to a better system

Let’s Cut through the Confusion

Here’s what we can say:

  1. ObamaCare is collapsing under its own weight. No action now means that ObamaCare will likely fail very soon.
  2. Republicans might still opt to do a clean ObamaCare Repeal Law.
  3. Or, Republicans might agree on the current 3 Phase repeal and replace plan.
  4. The 3 Phase plan is an attempt to make the transition from ObamaCare to a competitive free market healthcare system stable.
    • The Phase 1 bill does eliminate the individual mandate and tax penalties.
    • The Phase 1 bill can be passed easily through the budget reconciliation process, unless enough Republicans choose to vote against it.
    • The Phase 1 bill will cut the deficit dramatically and over time reduce costs.
      • CBO claims it will reduce the deficit by $337 billion over the next 10 years
    • With the Phase 1 approach, individuals can buy any plan they want. They are not forced to pick from government-mandated plans
  5. We will move to make Medicaid solvent with $880 billion in savings.
  6. It frees young Americans from healthcare insurance they don’t want and don’t need.
    • It also frees young Americans from subsidizing older Americans.
  7. It’s a $6 billion tax cut that will result in about 2 million more Americans getting full-time jobs.
    • Cuts the ObamaCare payroll tax (2.35%)
    • Cuts the ObamaCare unearned income tax (3.8%)
  8. Continues ban on lifetime and annual payment caps
  9. Continues ban on pre-existing condition penalties

America’s Healthcare System Will Get Better

It will take about two years for many of the benefits of a free market in healthcare to kick in, but it’s coming soon. America’s healthcare insurance system will improve, along with the healthcare Americans actually receive. Competitive plans will lower premiums, lower deductibles, and lower co-payments. Reduced taxes and regulations will enhance innovations in both products and services. Doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and most importantly, patients will all see benefits from America’s improved healthcare industry.

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