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Repubs, Dems and Populism – Who Will Win?

Republicans, Democrats and Populism – Who Will Win?

In a wave of populism sweeping America and the world, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Trump clearly received a conservative mandate to usher in a new American Constitutional Era consisting of these crucial planks:

  • Drain the swamp in Washington and make politicians accountable to the people, not to special interests
  • Restore the Constitution and the Rule of Law
  • Restore integrity to our borders and the immigration system
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare, the law that wreaked havoc on our healthcare system and its price structure

This week, in an attempt to reinvent their failing party, the Democrats have decided to latch onto a new marketing and branding strategy. The new Democrats’ branding is called a “A Better Deal.”  It consists of:

  • Better Jobs
  • Better Wages
  • Better Future

Expressed differently, the Democrats hope to convince the American people that they are in favor of:

  • Raising wages
  • Cutting expenses for families
  • Helping Americans to learn new skills for the future

The real questions are:

  • What form of populism do the American people want?  Trump’s, Republicans, or Democrats
  • Does the Democrats form of populism represent a credible alternative for the American people? Or, is just paying lip service to what voters want?
  • What form of populism, if any, does the Republican Party represent today? And moving forward toward 2018?
  • What do the American people want?

Let’s discuss what’s going on right now in America …

Will the Democrats Convince Americans to Buy their “Better Deal?”

The simple answer is no! The American electorate is no longer willing to accept vague promises and empty words. It is no longer sufficient to give speeches about “their party’s intentions.” The American people want to see clear results. The American voters are not likely to buy the “Better Deal” branding.

Who is Running the Republican Party as America Approaches the 2018 Elections?

Plus, importantly, who is setting the agenda for the Republican Party’s version of populism? Is it:

  • President Trump
  • Senate Majority Leader McConnell
  • Speaker of the House Ryan
  • The Conservatives in the House and Senate
  • None of the Above

The American voters will not accept a lack of clear conservative leadership, principles and policies in the Republican Party. So …

What is Going to Happen Next?

The window of opportunity for leading America for the Democrats is closed for probably the next two generations.

The window of opportunity for the Republicans will only be open for another 6 – 18 months. Then, what?

  • Republicans must get their act together and fall in line to give the American people what they have been voting for since 2010, in order to maintain power.
  • Or, Republicans will likely face primary battles from more conservative candidates in 2018.

Will We See a New Majority Party – A Conservative Party in 2020?

If the Republicans can’t deliver on their promises to the American people before 2018, the Republican Party will become more conservative as a result of the 2018 elections.

If the more conservative Republican Party carries out the desires the American people, the Republican Party will survive.

If not, a new majority Conservative Party will emerge in America.

Time has run out for the Democrats. Time is fasting running out for Republicans.

For More Information

For more information, please visit the Great News For America website or contact Sandy Frazier for scheduling media appearances for Dr. Lameiro.