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Is Paul Ryan Running for the Republican Presidential Nomination?

Is Paul Ryan Running for President?

While Trump and Cruz are battling it out for delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, Paul Ryan might be setting the stage for a strong run at the presidential nomination on the second ballot at the convention, or even the third ballot.  Is this thought just a wild speculation in April?  Or, is there enough evidence at this point to definitely conclude Paul Ryan is truly running for president?  Let’s talk about it now …

Paul Ryan – Why Do We Think He Might be Running for President?

Paul Ryan might be denying that he wants to be president.  But, the facts still exist to indicate that he might be setting the stage for the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July.  What are some of the signals that he is running for president with a low key campaign that doesn’t turn off Trump and Cruz supporters:

  1. Foreign Policy Trip to Israel This Week – Presidential candidates generally take foreign policy trips to showcase their ability to handle and lead American foreign policy.  Paul Ryan, in his first foreign trip since being selected as Speaker of the House, called Israel “our indispensable ally” showing a traditional approach to our relationship with Israel and marking a sharp contrast with the current administration.
  2. Recent Foreign Policy Speech to 2016 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Policy Conference – Paul Ryan recently gave an important foreign policy address that dealt with Israel, U.S. – Israel relations, Iran, ISIS, and North Korea.
  3. Huffington Post Article on Koch Brothers Support for Paul Ryan – The article might be leaked to indicate support among major donors for Paul Ryan.  Recall that in 2012 Koch brothers appeared to like Paul Ryan for president and ultimately, Paul Ryan became the VP nominee under Mitt Romney.
  4. Karl Rove’s “Fresh Face” Comment to Hugh Hewitt – It seems that Karl Rove thinks that a “fresh face” might be just what the party needs in November.
  5. Recent “Brighter Horizons” Speech – An optimistic speech calling for more positive politics in America.  Sounded presidential.

Paul Ryan – Why Does He Keep Trying to Show No Interest?

Certainly, Paul Ryan is trying to deny he has any interest in the Republican presidential nomination. Why does he deny any interest?  Here are some possible answers:

  1. If he dropped his hat in the ring, he would be instantly attacked by the supporters of Trump and Cruz.
  2. He is going to be chairing the convention; he needs to look neutral (at least at the beginning).
  3. Denying interest worked before.  That was what he did before getting the job of Speaker of the House.  It makes him look more like a statesman and less like a politician.  [Recall the philosopher Plato.  The Republic can best be run by a leader that doesn’t want the job.]

For More Information on This Year’s Presidential Election plus Ten Surprising Predictions

Please read my new book Great News for America.  In it, I make ten surprising predictions that will probably come true before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.  Available on Amazon and from other book retailers.  Available on Kindle and other e-book devices.