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Top Six Predictions for Inauguration Day

Will President Trump Make Inauguration Day a Working Day?

We are only about three weeks from Inauguration Day. President-Elect Trump’s journey from unlikely candidate, to primary and caucus winner, to Republican presidential nominee, and then ultimately to winner of the presidential election, has been an historic odyssey of surprising twists and turns and overnight tweets. It’s a journey that has challenged both conventional expectations and the Establishments in both major parties and the old Main Stream Media (MSM). The pollsters, the media, and the elite are all still reeling in the wake of Trump’s wave election.

Indeed, as I predicted in my new book last January, Great News for America, this is probably the most profound American presidential election since the historic and critical presidential election of William McKinley in 1896.

I think America and the American people, and even the world, will marvel at the Inauguration Day of Donald J. Trump on January 20th, 2017.

Prediction #1. I predict it will surpass the typical Inauguration Days of the past, filled primarily with ceremony and celebration. Instead, President Trump will make it an active and productive working day, a substantive day.

What are Some of the Other Top Predictions for Inauguration Day?

On Inauguration Day, President-Elect Trump will follow the traditional attendance at a Church Service early on January 20th. He will also be sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, at 12 noon. Then, he will deliver his Inaugural Address on the steps of the U. S. Capitol. During this address, he will set an optimistic vision for America following the policy themes he has developed during his long campaign.

But then, I anticipate something different, a break from protocol.

Prediction #2. During the Inaugural Address, I think President Trump will pull out a pen and sign up to 3 major Executive Orders implementing his new policies, right from the podium. Those Executive Orders might include:

  • An order to the Secretary of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security to direct the Commissioner of U. S. Customs and Border Protection to enforce all existing immigration and border security related laws, effective immediately. Illegal immigration will be shut down.
  • An order to Secretary of the U. S. Department of State that Obama’s Iran Nuclear Agreement Executive Order is hereby revoked, rescinded, and cancelled in its entirety, and the Secretary should take all appropriate actions to implement its revocation, rescission, and cancellation, effective immediately.
  • A blanket order for the revocation, rescission, and cancellation of about two dozen Obama Executive Orders, effective immediately.

Prediction #3. After the completion of the Inaugural Address and before attending the usual Inaugural Luncheon (hosted by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies), President Trump will go inside the Capitol and begin signing a stack of other orders to direct his staff on their initial activities. It will likely be a lengthy working session. Many attending the Inauguration Ceremonies will go directly to the luncheon. After completing the working session, Trump might skip the luncheon altogether.

I think Trump will then participate in the Inaugural Parade. But, despite security concerns, …

Prediction #4. President Trump will stop frequently and greet the crowds along the parade route. He is their president and he has a growing emotional connection with the American people as few presidents have had.

After the Inaugural Parade, Trump will probably break with tradition again and …

Prediction #5. President Trump will likely hold his first official Cabinet Meeting at the White House as soon as the parade is over.

Prediction #6. President Trump will probably tweet as he goes throughout his day. I predict, too, that at least 2 tweets will shock the old Main Stream Media and the Democrats.

For More Information on This Year’s Presidential Election and the Presidential Transition

Please read my book Great News for America.  In it, I correctly predicted 2016 would be an historic and critical presidential election that would usher in a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era. All together, I made ten surprising predictions most of which have already come true or will probably come true.  In it, I also discuss the Presidential Transition and what the new president will likely do after the Inauguration.

It’s available in a print edition from Amazon and other book sellers.  It’s also available on Kindle and other e-book devices.