• Great News for America Great News for America The critical presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be the
    most profound presidential election since the election of 1896.
    This book makes ten surprising predictions that are bold and
    powerful. It predicts some historic events for America that will
    take place before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.

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  • Renewing America Renewing America This book is possibly the most comprehensive book ever written
    on Freedom. It starts by recognizing God as the Author of Liberty
    and builds a substantial and solid, moral case for Freedom. It
    explains the 25 essential components of Freedom necessary to
    have a free nation.

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  • America’s Economic War America’s Economic War Are you struggling to understand what’s going on in America
    This book describes the 47 major battles taking place across
    America between those who believe in traditional American
    Capitalism and those who believe in socialism. The battles
    span issues dealing with religious, political and economic

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  • Choosing the Good Life Choosing the Good Life This short book presents two distinct and competing economic
    visions for what constitutes the “Good Life.” These economic
    visions represent two different economic systems, two
    different ways of looking at life, and two different ways of
    living life. Your choice of economic vision will help to
    determine whether America and our civilization
    will grow or decline.

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Latest Electoral College Forecast: Trump 339 – Clinton 199 Electoral Votes

What is the Latest Electoral College Forecast by Dr. Lameiro?

My latest Electoral College forecast gives Trump 339 Electoral Votes to Clinton’s 199 Electoral Votes. That’s a solid 140 Electoral Vote victory and will make Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United State of America.

What Will the Popular Vote Victory Be?

Trump will win with a margin of 5.7% in popular vote.

What Does this Latest Electoral College Forecast Mean to Americans?

As I wrote in my book Great News for America that launched in January before the primary and caucus season got started, 2016 will be an historic and critical presidential election that will be like no other recent presidential election. In fact, this election will be most similar to the historic and critical presidential election of 1896. With this tumultuous campaign season, we are witnessing American history in the making. Indeed, we are seeing:

  • The election of a tough, new, General Patton-like, America first, leader.
  • The election of a popular, populist, president who believe in core conservative values, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.
  • The end of the Republican Party as we have known it for decades.
  • The end of the Democratic Party as we have known it for generations.
  • The end of the mainstream media’s influence on presidential elections as we have known it for decades.
  • The likely appointment of 4 new Constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court in the new president’s administration which will guard our Constitutionally-protected freedom until the year 2050 and beyond.
  • A new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era, predicted in my book, Great News for America .

Why have the Polls been So Far Off This Year?

While most pollsters are professionals who conduct polls that are as scientific as possible. Two main factors account for the discrepancies between polling results and the ultimate election results.

  1. Polls are based to some extent on underlying electorate models. Inaccurate or incomplete models simply lead to overstating or understating the election results. I have written and discussed these models and factors such as Voter Intensity, Voter Turnout, and Voter Momentum this year and in past years. The historic and critical nature of this presidential election makes polls even more susceptible to errors.
  2. As we have read from WikiLeak revelations, the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign have had a closer-than-expected working relationship. One WikiLeaks message even seemed to provide a handbook for how polls can be manipulated by strategic oversampling. Some polls might have been off by attempts to manipulate results to impact public opinion.

Briefings by Dr. Lameiro on Trump, the New Administration, and the New Economy in Vail Colorado

Join Dr. Lameiro in one of three strategic briefings in November, December or January in beautiful Vail Colorado at a luxury resort. Each strategic briefing will be limited to 30 participants, will include a gourmet quality lunch and snacks, and will go into detail on these important topics:

  • Trump’s New Administration and Likely Priorities and Timetables
  • Trump’s New Economy and Likely Economic Growth Opportunities

For more information or to reserve your place in a Strategic Briefing, please click the Contact button on this page.  Book early to Choose Your Favorite Date.