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What Really Happened with Colorado’s Republican Delegates?

What Happened to Colorado’s Republican Delegates?

There’s been a virtual firestorm over Cruz winning Colorado’s Republican Delegates.  What really happened in Colorado?  What process was followed?  Were the Delegates stolen by Cruz?  Is it just sour grapes on the part of people that wanted Trump to get the Delegates?  Let’s look at it from the point of view of someone who know’s the process and who attended a Colorado Republican Congressional District Convention and the Colorado Republican State Convention.

What’s the History of the Colorado Delegate Selection Process?

Literally, the Colorado caucus approach to the selection of Colorado Delegates to the Republican National Convention has been around for decades.  During some presidential election year cycles, straw polls have been taken.  Last year the Colorado State Republican Executive Committee voted to skip a presidential straw poll.

Part of the thinking at the time was that the Republican National Committee had mandated that any straw poll would bind delegates to support the winning candidate in the straw poll.  Since the Colorado State Republican caucus was to be held on March 1st, an early commitment to the presidential straw poll winner might not make sense by the time of the Republican State Convention or the Republican National Convention.  Colorado’s GOP wanted to be relevant instead of being ignored by the presidential candidates.  An early winner might suspend his or her campaign later, just as happened this year.

Colorado wanted to increase its importance during the primary and caucus season.

Why All the Whining Now that the Colorado Republican Delegates Have Been Selected?

As far as I can recall, no presidential candidates complained about the Colorado Delegate selection process until after the fact.  After Cruz swept the Delegates with strong organizational skills and an in-person appearance at the Republican State Convention, then the cries of stolen Delegates, votes taken away, rigged election, corrupt rotten system, and crooked shananigans began to be heard.

Colorado’s caucus system is not new.  The rules have been in place since the end of last summer.  Any Republican was free to participate in the caucuses and conventions.  Of course, candidates willing to organize effectively and willing to work hard to get their supporters out were favored.

Team Cruz won Colorado.  Trump didn’t even appear at the convention for a speech.

How Does the Colorado Delegate Selection Process Work?

Republican Party voters get together in their respective neighborhoods at a closed (Republican only) caucus to discuss issues, resolutions, and to pick delegates to the county conventions and higher conventions (County Conventions, State Legislative District Assemblies, Judicial District Assemblies, Congressional District Conventions, and the State Convention).

To be a National Delegate, a local voter must start at the local precinct level and get elected to the County Convention.  Then, the voter must get elected at the County Convention to move up to a Congressional District (CD) and/or State Convention.  Colorado has 7 CD’s each allocated 3 National Delegates.  It also has 13 National Delegates allocated at the State Convention.  Plus, it gets 3 additional National Delegates – the Republican State Chair and 2 Republican National Committee Members.

Many in the media refer to Colorado’s 34 Delegates.  The total is actually 37 Republican National Convention Delegates.

Is Colorado Delegate Selection a “Democratic Process?”

About 1,000 Republican voters filed a National Delegate intent to run form.  That represents widespead openness and participation in the process.

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