Availability Information for Books by Dr. Lameiro

Books by Dr. Lameiro are available from,, and other online as well as bricks and mortar retail outlets.  Dr. Lameiro’s books are available in both print and Kindle formats.  They are available on Kindle and other devices.

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Brief Descriptions of Books by Dr. Lameiro

Great News for America.  The critical presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be the most profound presidential election since the election of 1896.  This book makes ten surprising predictions that are bold and powerful.  It predicts some historic events for America that will take place before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom.  This book is possibly the most comprehensive book ever written on Freedom.  It starts by recognizing God as the Author of Liberty and builds a substantial and solid, moral case for Freedom.  It explains the 25 essential components of Freedom necessary to have a free nation.

America’s Economic War.  Are you struggling to understand what’s going on in America.  This book describes the 47 major battles taking place across America between those who believe in traditional American Capitalism and those who believe in socialism.  The battles span issues dealing with religious, political and economic freedom.

Choosing the Good Life.  This short book presents two distinct and competing economic visions for what constitutes the “Good Life.”  These economic visions represent two different economic systems, two different ways of looking at life, and two different ways of living life.  Your choice of economic vision will help to determine whether America and our civilization will grow or decline.