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Will Bernie Sanders Start Third Party – A Socialist Party?

Will Bernie Sanders Start Third Party?

Will Bernie Sanders start third party, a Socialist Party?  Is that really possible?  Is the upcoming People’s Summit in Chicago a forerunner of a new third party?

Increasingly, it looks certain that Bernie Sanders’ current strategy is to go to the Democratic National Convention on July 25th in Philadelphia without the 2,383 Delegates needed to capture the presidential nomination. Sanders hopes to get many of the estimated 548 Super Delegates pledged to Clinton to switch and vote for him.  If he doesn’t get the nomination, he might just start a third party called the Socialist Party or the Democratic Socialist Party and then run against the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Let’s look at all of these possibilities in more detail now …

Does Bernie Sanders have A Chance of Getting the Democratic Nomination?

The short answer is NO!

Bernie Sanders hopes to convince enough Super Delegates to drop their support for Clinton. Bernie Sanders can cite polls that indicate he would do better in the general election against Trump than Clinton does. Bernie Sanders can also bring up the issue of the so-called FBI Primary that is yet to be completed? Will the FBI make a criminal referral to the Justice Department about Hillary Clinton’s emails? Will the Justice Department indict Hillary Clinton? There is a reasonably good chance that one or both of these adverse events might happen, if you believe the stories out in the media about Hillary Clinton’s email problems.

But, if Clinton doesn’t get the nomination, then it’s probably more likely that Joe Biden will parachute into the convention and most of the Super Delegates will switch their support to Biden, not Bernie Sanders.

I don’t believe the Democratic Party is ready to hand their nomination over to a self-identified socialist that would actually hurt Democrats not only from winning The White House, but also would hinder them from winning many other Congressional, State and local offices as well.

What’s This People’s Summit Coming Up Soon?

The People’s Summit is a self-proclaimed “declaration of independence from establishment politics” according to the Executive Director of one of the group’s who are sponsoring the summit. [ Note 1]

The People’s Summit is a meeting for activists to be held June 17th – June 19th in Chicago.  It’s been sponsored by several progressive and socialist groups that apparently hope to get Bernie Sanders elected president.  It’s a strategy meeting that will focus on next steps and on the issues they deem important.  These issues include:

  • National Minimum Wage of $15/Hour
  • “Climate Justice”
  • Free Higher Education
  • Ending Student Debt
  • Tax on “Wall Street Speculation”

The People’s Summit will probably consider tactics to wrest the nomination from Clinton and give it to Bernie Sanders.  It might also be the forerunner to a third party called the Socialist Party or the Democratic Socialist Party with Bernie Sanders as the nominee.

For More Information on This Year’s Presidential Election plus All of My Ten Surprising Predictions

Please read my new book Great News for America.  In it, I make ten surprising predictions that will probably come true before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.  I also discuss in Chapters 5, 6 and 7 the political party realignments of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and a possible new third party.  It’s available in a print edition from Amazon and other book sellers.  It’s also available on Kindle and other e-book devices.



Note 1. “Sanders movement will go on as ‘People’s summit’ is planned,” David Lightman, McClatchyDC, June 3, 2016, http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article81717422.html .