January 2018

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Who’s Ahead Now: Trump, Media, Dems?

After One Year in Office, Who’s Ahead: President Trump, the Media, or the Democrats? It’s just about one year since president-elect Trump was inaugurated president. It’s been a contentious first year in office and the question is: “Who’s ahead in the on-going battle to run America and steer the ship of State?” Is it President Trump, the old mainstream media that is fighting to influence Americans, or is the out-of-control Democratic Party that offers only resistance and vitriolic rhetoric against this populist president? It’s a question worth pondering. It’s important to know if elections really matter? Also, a related question…

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Can Oprah Win the 2020 Presidential Election?

Did Oprah Just Kickoff a Presidential Election Bid for 2020? Oprah Winfrey accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday with a speech that sounded almost presidential with words like “a new day is on the horizon.” [Source: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/oprah-presidential-talk-golden-globes/2018/01/08/id/835718/ .] Meryl Streep wasted no day endorsing Oprah for president. According to The Washington Post, Meryl Streep was quoted as saying: “She launched a rocket tonight. I want her to run for president … I don’t think she had any intention. But now she doesn’t have a choice.” [Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/01/08/meryl-streep-just-endorsed-an-oprah-winfrey-presidential-run/?utm_term=.d63a00d083e6 .] Her long-term partner Stedman…

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Blue Wave, Red Wave, or Conservative Wave?

Will we see a Blue Wave, a Red Wave, or a Conservative Wave in the 2018 Congressional Elections? After some fleeting electoral successes, some Democrats are anticipating a blue wave, not a red wave, or a conservative wave in the 2018 Congressional elections. But, are they wrong? Some Republicans, fearful that Congress has not repealed and replaced Obamacare decisively and has been slow to implement the Trump agenda, worry 2018 might not be a good year for the GOP. Are these fears justified? Let’s discuss the electoral reality that America faces in 2018. What Do the Long-Range Trends Tell Us?…