December 2017

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Understanding Some DOJ Players

Understanding the Roles of Some DOJ Players and FBI Players With all the news stories about the Mueller investigation and related topics, it’s helpful to get an understanding of some key DOJ players and some key FBI players. Let’s look at some people in the news recently. Bruce Ohr – Associate Deputy Attorney General + Director, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces Apparently, he was recently demoted from the Associate Deputy AG post. Why? It was reported that he had contacts with Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson and former British spy Christopher Steele who were responsible for developing the so-called “Trump…

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Can Democrat Efforts to Impeach Trump Work?

Can the Democrat Party Efforts to Impeach Trump Save their Party? It now looks like the Trump-Russian collusion investigation has gone nowhere and might end in January or February. So, instead, the Left and the Democrats hope to nullify the results of the historic 2016 presidential election by attempting to impeach Trump over obstruction of justice charges, or possibly Logan Act violations. Will these efforts actually result in a Trump impeachment? Will they result in Trump being removed from office? Importantly for Democrats, will they save the Democrat Party from themselves? The Democrat Party is in Political Free Fall The…