• Great News for America Great News for America The critical presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be the
    most profound presidential election since the election of 1896.
    This book makes ten surprising predictions that are bold and
    powerful. It predicts some historic events for America that will
    take place before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.

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  • Renewing America Renewing America This book is possibly the most comprehensive book ever written
    on Freedom. It starts by recognizing God as the Author of Liberty
    and builds a substantial and solid, moral case for Freedom. It
    explains the 25 essential components of Freedom necessary to
    have a free nation.

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  • America’s Economic War America’s Economic War Are you struggling to understand what’s going on in America
    This book describes the 47 major battles taking place across
    America between those who believe in traditional American
    Capitalism and those who believe in socialism. The battles
    span issues dealing with religious, political and economic

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  • Choosing the Good Life Choosing the Good Life This short book presents two distinct and competing economic
    visions for what constitutes the “Good Life.” These economic
    visions represent two different economic systems, two
    different ways of looking at life, and two different ways of
    living life. Your choice of economic vision will help to
    determine whether America and our civilization
    will grow or decline.

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March 2017

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Attempt to Repeal ObamaCare – Who Won? Who Lost?

The House Made Its First Attempt to Repeal ObamaCare in 2017 – Who Really Won? Who Really Lost? With the House’s first attempt to repeal ObamaCare in 2017 failing to get the job done, finger-pointing is rampant and blame is being generously handed out to many people and groups. That list includes: President Trump Speaker Ryan The House The Senate Moderate Republicans Tuesday Group (of Republicans) Freedom Caucus (of Conservative Republicans) Democrats Heritage Action Club for Growth and Others The left wing media is having a field day touting the idea that maybe Trump’s agenda is doomed. Maybe, the Republicans…

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After Comey’s Testimony, What Do We Know?

After Comey’s Testimony, What Do We Know about Trump, the Election, and Possible Russian Hacking? Washington has been waiting to hear Comey’s testimony this week before the House Intelligence Committee. On Monday, both FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency (NSA) Director Mike Rogers testified. Unfortunately, Comey’s testimony didn’t answer all the questions clearly and concisely. In fact, many questions still remain. In addition, there is no timeline given for resolution of those questions. Is the Controversy Surrounding Comey’s Testimony Just Another Attempt at Blocking Trump’s Policy Agenda? Let’s face it. The Washington establishment, both Republicans and Democrats, never…

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Repealing ObamaCare – Cutting through the Confusion

Why is Repealing ObamaCare Causing So Much Confusion? Aside from the progressive socialists that want America to have a single-payer socialized healthcare system, there are several other reasons why repealing ObamaCare is causing so much confusion. Let’s look at those reasons briefly and then, go on to cut through all the confusion. Cutting through the confusion is easier than it looks. Plus, the good news is that America is on its way to a new, improved and less expensive healthcare industry. What are the Reasons for All the Confusion about Repealing ObamaCare? The Congressional Budget Office (better known as the…

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America Will Not Be Intimidated!

Faced with Internal and External Threats, America Will Not Be Intimidated! The Trump Administration and America will not be intimidated. Externally, America faces missile launches by North Korea and Iran. Internally, President Trump faces a constant assault on the legitimacy of his election and on the implementation of his policies. Furthermore, America faces unprecedented attempts to shut down free speech. Consider, for example, scholar Charles Murray’s recent reprehensible treatment at Middlebury College in Vermont. Despite these internal and external threats, President Trump and Americans will not be intimidated. How will President Trump and Americans respond now? America Will Not Be…