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November 2016

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Presidential Appointments – Updated List 1

Presidential Appointments Updated List 1 This is updated list 1 of presidential appointments, updated from my blog post of November 21, 2016. Here are some of President-Elect Trump’s initial major appointments as of November 21, 2016. Some require Senate confirmation; other don’t require Senate confirmation. Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor – Steve Bannon. He is an outstanding conservative political strategist. He’s a great person to keep the Trump administration on track politically. He also will oversee the many political battles the left will use to attempt to block Trump. He’s a sharp strategist familiar with winning battles. He is a…

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Will Uber Left Prevent Trump from Becoming President?

Will the Uber Left Prevent Trump from Becoming President? The uber left appears to be working overtime to block Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. First, there were protests, some of which have turned into riots and violence. Second, there were criticisms of Trump’s choices for presidential appointments. They were too conservative. Plus, they said his transition was in chaos, something that was not true. Third, Trump presidential electors were targeted for threats and intimidation, some threats even going as far as death threats. Fourth, Jill Stein decided to raise money to fund election…

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Is Trump’s Transition Off to a Great Start?

Is President-Elect Trump’s Transition Off to a Great Start? If you listen to the Old Mainstream Media (OMSM) you might not realize that Trump’s transition is off to a phenomenal start. The reality is that Trump’s transition team is firing on all cylinders. Trump is reaching out not only to his close supporters that helped him to win the election, but also to his harshest critics like Mitt Romney. Trump is communicating across the board, even to the Old Mainstream Media according to news reports. How is Trump Handling the Biased and Dishonest Old Mainstream Media? Trump let top media…

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Why are Anti-Trump People Protesting and Sometimes Rioting?

Why are Anti-Trump People Protesting and Sometimes Even Rioting? Across the country, anti-trump protesters are voicing their frustration and sometimes acting our their anger because Trump clearly defeated Clinton in the presidential election. What are the reasons behind these protests and riots? Are there professional agitators and leftists involved and/or funding these protests and riots? Why are their arguments not legitimate? Plus, will it turn out that Clinton did NOT win the popular vote after all? Finally, why does keeping the Presidential Electoral College make sense for America? Let’s discuss all of these questions next … Who Won the Popular…

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Are Clinton’s Legal Issues Finally Over?

Are Clinton’s Legal Issues Finally Over? Clinton’s legal issues will probably last long past Election Day, whether she loses to Trump, or she is elected president. Even if she is pardoned by Obama before he leaves office, Team Clinton’s legal issues will also likely continue. Let’s talk about the situation more now … What’s with James Comey, Director of the FBI, and his November Surprise? On Sunday, James Comey hit Congress and the American people with a November surprise. The American voters are already used to October surprises, that’s not new. Comey did give us an October surprise nine days…

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Will Clinton Accept a Trump Victory?

Will Clinton Accept a Trump Victory in the Presidential Election? My Presidential Electoral College forecast indicates a clear and convincing Trump victory. My forecast gives Trump 339 Electoral Votes to Clinton’s 199 Electoral Votes. I also forecast Trump will win the popular vote with a 5.7% margin over Clinton. Because one Democratic presidential elector in the State of Washington has already stated they will not cast their Electoral Vote for Clinton should Clinton carry Washington, Clinton’s total might fall to 198 in the Presidential Electoral College. In the third presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, Chris Wallace asked Trump the…