• Great News for America Great News for America The critical presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be the
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  • Renewing America Renewing America This book is possibly the most comprehensive book ever written
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  • America’s Economic War America’s Economic War Are you struggling to understand what’s going on in America
    This book describes the 47 major battles taking place across
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  • Choosing the Good Life Choosing the Good Life This short book presents two distinct and competing economic
    visions for what constitutes the “Good Life.” These economic
    visions represent two different economic systems, two
    different ways of looking at life, and two different ways of
    living life. Your choice of economic vision will help to
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    will grow or decline.

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June 2016

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What’s the Significance of Brexit on Our Presidential Election and the Economy?

What Is Brexit? As you probably already know from the recent news headlines, Brexit is short for the U.K.’s vote on whether to have Britain exit the European Unit (EU). The vote was about 52% to “Leave” the EU and 48% to “Remain” within the EU. By the way, this was the opposite of the recent polls in the U.K. that signaled the “Remain” campaign would prevail. The vote seemed to follow a pattern of establishment and elites vs. those not part of the establishment or the elite in the U.K. The Brexit vote was a victory against the establishment….

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Why Censor the Orlando Massacre Gunman’s 911 Calls?

Why Censor the Orlando Massacre Gunman’s 911 Calls? According to news reports, during the Orlando massacre gunman’s shooting spree, the gunman took the time to call 911 three times to claim responsibility for the shootings and to let authorities know that he was an Islamic soldier.  On Monday, the Department of Justice and the FBI released what they said were “complete” transcripts of those calls of  9 minutes, 16 minutes, and 3 minutes, respectively. However, we have learned that these calls were redacted (edited or censored) with various terms deleted.  The DOJ apparently didn’t want the American people to learn…

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What is the Impact of the Orlando Massacre on the Presidential Election?

What is the Impact of the Orlando Massacre on the Presidential Election, Now and in November? With the Orlando massacre, the 2016 presidential election has just hit an electoral pivot point, if not a tipping point.  Voters have been impacted dramatically.  Voter intensity and voter momentum will likely change effective immediately.  Polls will probably catch up within a week or so.  What’s the impact on the Trump – Clinton race?  How will it effect Sanders?  What’s the probable impact on a potential third party candidate?  How long will these impacts last?  Let’s discuss these questions now. Has the Historic and…

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Will Bernie Sanders Start Third Party – A Socialist Party?

Will Bernie Sanders Start Third Party? Will Bernie Sanders start third party, a Socialist Party?  Is that really possible?  Is the upcoming People’s Summit in Chicago a forerunner of a new third party? Increasingly, it looks certain that Bernie Sanders’ current strategy is to go to the Democratic National Convention on July 25th in Philadelphia without the 2,383 Delegates needed to capture the presidential nomination. Sanders hopes to get many of the estimated 548 Super Delegates pledged to Clinton to switch and vote for him.  If he doesn’t get the nomination, he might just start a third party called the…